It’s truly a joy to behold if you’ve got a newly remodeled bathroom. Unluckily, not every homeowner has the money or budget for these major renovations. However, this does not mean that you can’t do anything about it.  

For those who don’t know, there are a couple of changes you can make that will offer you an updated and beautiful bathroom. It does not matter what your budget is. If you want a Vacaville small bathroom remodel project, here are affordable ways you can do it: 


You can do better than the dull and dreary slim line lights that are installed into bathrooms by default, even if you’ve got a tight budget. Look for second-hand stores and online shops for a couple of elegant wall lights or pendants that will offer your bathroom more character. Make sure you choose lighting that complements the design you’ve picked for your new bathroom. 

Second-Hand Furnishings 

You should search for more creative options rather than purchasing new ones if you do have to replace your bathroom fixtures. For instance, look for the end of line or second-hand items online. If needed, you might have to resurface them yourself. Also, you can utilize vintage dressers as a vanity table and retrofit a modern sink into it. Buying an elegant centerpiece for your bathroom is another choice, such as a stand-alone bathtub. Next, choose more affordable tiles and fixtures to match your elegant tub.  

Refresh and Do Not Replace 

If you’re really on a very tight budget and want to remodel your bathroom, your ideal option is to resurface fiberglass, cast iron, or porcelain fixtures, such as vanity, shower, or bathtub. Do not purchase new ones. However, you’ll have to do this on your own since it is sometimes more affordable to buy new than hire an expert to resurface old fixtures.  

Resurfacing becomes more practical, especially if you’ve got a vintage fixture that you do not want to get rid of. Also, keep in mind that you can redo the grout between the tiles and replace the caulking between the tiled floor and shower. This helps you achieve a more modern and cleaner look. 


You can try to install tile halfway and paint to the ceiling rather than tiling it to the ceiling. This helps you save a lot of money. Also, you can repaint your existing tiles for a new look. If you’re living in an old house, try to repaint wainscoting as well. However, make sure you purchase paint that is mold-resistant for the ceiling and walls. Also, only utilize paint that is made particularly to paint over ceramic or porcelain tiles.  


You may be fortunate enough to discover old floorboards underneath after you’ve lifted the old tiles in your bathroom. If this happens, you can offer a more rustic feel to your bathroom if you restore them. On the other hand, if it is simply a concrete foundation, polishing it will offer you a modern urban look. Both of these options are more affordable compared to laying new tiles.