Usually, we can say that our air conditioner is in trouble when it is not cooling. We feel discomfort during the summer season, where the temperature is rising very high. There are many reasons why our air conditioner is not cooling. But, before having headaches during troubleshooting and repairing, it is best to hire ac repair north port. With them, you will never experience the hassle and stress of finding the parts where errors occur. They are professionals that will never put your expectations down. Whatever problems you have with your HVAC system, they are the perfect people to call and hire.  

Part of knowing everything about our home is to know how to deal with the issues that might occur in our appliances and equipment. Well, it is not necessary to have a hands-on repair when problems occur. But, when we know what the professional is doing, we will have peace of mind. With your air conditioner, you must know the following ways on how to troubleshoot and repair the system: 

  1. You need to determine if the problem is not the furnace. All you have to do is to decrease the setting of the temperature after setting your thermostat to AC mode. If you observed that the fan of the furnace kicks, then you do not have problems with your furnace. But, when you observed that the fan does not function, you can reset the circuit breaker. However, if the fan does not still run and functions, call professionals for an immediate help. 
  2. If you need to conduct repairs, here are the steps you must follow: 
  • Beforehand, you need to go deeper and know the anatomy of your air conditioner. You need to know what are the condensing units and the evaporator coil. Also, you need to learn about the parts and functions.  
  • If you have fixed your mind and decide to do the repair alone, you need to start by shutting off the power of your air conditioner. After that, you need to disconnect and remove the block from the electrical box. But, keep in mind that you cannot do it without opening the box. 
  • After doing the things mentioned above, you need to clean your condenser coils. You can ask professionals and experts on how to do so to prevent problems.  
  • After cleaning the condenser coils, you need to test the fuses. Before proceeding with the repairs, you need to inspect if your fuse has blown and failing. To ensure that everything is under control, you need to call professionals for help. 
  • After testing the fuses, you can proceed with the inspection of the access panels inside your unit. You need to identify if there are wires that are broken. Aside from that, you need to see if the insulation is being chewed. If you do not have knowledge about the repair, better seek help from experts. 
  • If necessary, you can replace the capacitator. After doing so, you can test if your unit is functioning well. If not then you need professionals to fix and repair what you have started.